The Value of Experimenting

November 14

Art evolves just like technology, so much so that it’s reached a point where people begin to question if an object or painting is even art. So it helps to understand the perspective. Art had...

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November 13

Everyone lives in a state of “before,” the place right before innovation changes their world. Before the light bulb, everyone lived in a world where the night was illuminated with candle fire. It...

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Imagine Creating Art Digitally

November 12

Michelangelo used chisel and stone. Alexander Calder used a welding torch and steel. And sculptors of today are using code and 3D printing to create shapes that bend the imagination.


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What happens when cars drive themselves?

November 11

Google’s self-driving car has already racked up 1 million test miles without an accident. The technology is so impressive that some estimate there will be 10 million self-driving cars on the road...

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Caffeine: The Fuel of Innovation

November 10

Nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. From those four simple elements we get the invigorating caffeine molecule. And it’s been helping great minds for a long time. Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven...

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