Check out our latest Littles Lab tech kit, Puzzlets with Dash!

Dash is one of Do Space’s most popular robots that kids of all ages love to play with. If you have ever been here, you probably saw the little blue robot zooming around the Littles Lab or Active Learning Lab named Dash. Do Space has a fun, new way to play with Dash! You can now use Puzzlets with the robot to move, light up, and make sounds.

Puzzlets are are icon-based, physical tiles that children can easily manipulate with their hands. Do Space also has a Puzzlets tech kit used to learn how to code and program a dinosaur on an app. They are super fun and easy to use! Children as young as 4 can use the Puzzlets with Dash to learn about STEAM concept and start them on the road to learning what programming is and how it works. See how it works here.

The tech kit comes with a binder that show you how to get started and three activities to teach you how to use the Puzzlets with the Dash. With this, kiddos and grown ups alike will learn with this little robot the basics of programming and coding.

Learn more about all our other tech kits either at our tech kit page or here at Do Space!

About Author
Kimberly Hwa Davis, Community Learning Specialist
Kim is a Community Learning Specialist and a new member of the Do Space team. She has an Art History degree from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and a background in museum education.She is excited to learn more about the amazing tech Do Space has to offer and share her knowledge with the Omaha community.