Make.Hack.Build. is a collaborative program for creators ages 12 to 18 that enables participants to learn life, technology, and leadership skills by engaging in fun projects for themselves and the community. It also serves as an opportunity for post-secondary education and portfolio development. Whether you’re college-bound, plan to jump straight into the workforce, or want to start your own business, Make.Hack.Build. can help you develop your passions, guide your career goals, and explore what it means to be a community leader. Make.Hack.Build. is a dynamic and flexible program that welcomes all skill levels. Just bring your passion and willingness to learn!

Make.Hack.Build. runs three times a year for twelve weeks. Each session has a different theme that is centered on creating for change. Past participants have made projects with various tech mediums like virtual reality, game development, and microcontrollers. If you’re interested in leading quarterly tech projects and contributing Do Space’s community, apply below!

We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2019 session. Apply for Make.Hack.Build here!

What are we doing?
During our fall 2019 session, we are creating mobile apps for our phones and tablets. Make.Hack.Build. attendees will spend the fall inventing technologies to solve real problems in their peers or their own lives. In the process, students learn design thinking and programming as tools for solving real-world problems.

When is it
Our fall session will be held over twelve Saturdays from 1-3PM starting on September 21st with the last meetup on Saturday, December 7th. At our first meetup, we are having a kick-off event that will introduce the participants to mobile app development. Light snacks will be provided.

Who can apply?
Anyone between the ages of 12 to 18 who is interested in inventing technologies that solve real-world problems encouraged to apply. Twelve applicants will be accepted for the upcoming Summer 2019 session.

What skills do I need?
All you need is some basic computer skills, like navigating the internet, and a “whatever it takes” attitude! No programming or film experience necessary.

How will participants be selected?
• We will consider all eligible participants who have completed the online application form one week prior the upcoming session.
• We will select participants most likely to benefit from our program based on applicant response to the short essay questions.
• We will strive to create an inclusive and diverse group of participants.

When will I find out if I am selected for Make.Hack.Build.?
The deadline to apply is on September 14th. Notices of acceptance will be sent on September 16th.

Apply for Make.Hack.Build here!